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Movement Orthopaedic Institute is the premier provider of direct cash pay sports medicine, orthobiologics care, and orthopedic surgery in the Houston area. Led by Dr. Geoge Ozoude, a leading orthopedic surgeon in The Woodlands and Houston, our physicians and orthopedic specialists set you on a speedy path to optimal recovery.



Sports Medicine


Joint Preservation

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Meet Dr. George Ozoude

Dr. George Ozoude is the medical director and leading orthopedic surgeon at Movement Orthopaedic Institute. He is board-certified in orthopedic surgery, with specialized training in sports medicine and minimally invasive arthroscopy of the knee, hip, shoulder and elbow.

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Our physicians specialize in the latest orthopedic techniques to alleviate the symptoms of knee pain while addressing the root cause, ensuring long-lasting results.


We diagnose and treat the root cause of shoulder pain using the latest orthopedic techniques available.


We use advanced diagnostic techniques, such as CT scans, MRIs, and X-rays, to visualize the anatomy of your foot and ankle to the root cause of the pain.


The hip joint is strong enough to withstand regular wear-and-tear, however excessive usage of the hips, especially in athletes, can lead to pain. That’s where we come in to help you diagnose the source of your hip pain.


The overuse of joints in specific body parts because of regular sports or workouts can lead to joint injuries or damage, leading to joint pain. We use advanced diagnostic techniques to locate and treat your joint pain.

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Minimally Invasive

Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder injuries are common amongst high school and college athletes who play tennis, volleyball, and other sports that involve repeatedly using the shoulder joints. Overusing the shoulder joints can lead to rotator cuff injuries, shoulder joint dislocation, labral tears, and tendinitis. After exhausting all non-invasive solutions, our orthopedic doctor in Humble, TX may opt to use minimally invasive, arthroscopic techniques to treat shoulder pain.


Minimally Invasive

Knee Surgery

Knee injuries are extremely common amongst high school and college athletes because of strains, sprains, fractures, tendinitis, and more. We use numerous non-operative solutions to treat knee injuries, such as physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and orthobiologics. However, if non-surgical solutions don’t work, we may resort to minimally invasive knee surgery techniques, such as knee arthroscopy.




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S. M.

“I had a wonderful experience under the care of Dr. Ozoude and his caring staff. I had knee surgery and Dr. Ozoude performed the surgery. I had amazing results and I healed faster than I ever expected. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ozoude and his staff to anyone who is in need of excellent Orthopedic care.”

R. M.

“Great doctor! I had a torn meniscus and Dr. Ozoude was right on point with what to expect and the very predictable results and recovery period. His experience was very evident. I highly recommend Dr. Ozoude for anyone who is more physically active and needs accurate diagnosis, repair and clear expectations on recovery.”


“My first visit with Dr. Ozoude was impressive. [He] was thorough when he examined me. He knew exactly what was wrong with my right shoulder and ordered an MRI to confirm his diagnosis. Dr. Ozoude took time to listen to me and to answer my questions. His care and follow-up for six months is heartfelt and appreciated.”



Sports Medicine Care

Movement Orthopaedic Institute specializes in sports medicine care for high school athletes, college athletes, professional athletes, and those leading active lifestyles. Sports injuries can happen for numerous reasons, such as muscle/ joint overuse, lack of conditioning, fatigue, poor playing conditions, and accidents. Our orthopedic physicians help set you on a speedy path towards recovery.


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Movement Orthopaedic Institute is a state-of-the-art medical practice specializing in sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, and orthobiologics. Our orthopedic surgeon in Houston and The Woodlands specializes in diagnosing and treating the root cause of your injuries and chronic pain using advanced techniques. We treat most conditions using non-operative solutions, such as physical therapy, PRP therapy, and stem cell therapy. We only resort to surgeries when non-invasive solutions don’t yield the desired results. Please schedule an appointment to explore your treatment options in Houston.

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