“My first visit with Dr. Ozoude was impressive. His staff was quick to take me back to our room. They asked questions and took vitals. They already had instructions from Dr. Ozoude so my X-rays were taken within minutes. Dr. Ozoude was thorough when he examined me. He knew exactly what was wrong with my right shoulder and ordered an MRI to confirm his diagnosis. When I returned once the MRI was completed, Dr. Ozoude confirmed that he was correct and advised my options – surgery or a shot and the pros and cons of my choice. Dr. Ozoude took time to listen to me and to answer my questions. I also informed him that I was having pain in my left shoulder as severe as the right shoulder. He ordered a MRI for my left shoulder which was actually worse than my right. I had surgery on my left shoulder within 2 weeks. The care I received was excellent from Dr. Ozoude, the hospital personnel, the anesthesiologist, my nurse and my physical therapist was the best I have ever experienced in the past. I healed quickly and my pain remained minimal. I will need surgery on my right shoulder soon and I will use Dr. Ozoude. His care and follow-up for six months is heartfelt and appreciated.”

– M.

“MD. George Ozoude, I relocated from another state to be with family because I could no longer properly care for myself. On March 10, 2019 I slipped & fell off ice onto my arm. I’ve gone through over a year of physical therapy sessions, with an injection, to no avail.

I had bouts of depression and frustration because it just wasn’t healing. When I came to you I was in constant pain on range 10. I couldn’t raise my right arm halfway with control. You, right then, determined it was a Labrum tear.

On March 30, 2021, I completed surgery. I am in my last therapy sessions. I am grateful for your pleasant and professional team. I am feeling so excited and free to the point that I at times “lose my mind and over-do something thinking I can…UNTIL!!”

But I can now raise my arm to my head with control!! Thank you for studying, knowing and engaging in your profession and mostly for listening to me with solutions. My days are brighter. Thank you!!”

– Anonymous

“Great doctor! I had a torn meniscus and Dr. Ozoude was right on point with what to expect and the very predictable results and recovery period. His experience was very evident. After surgery, I has a little hiccup with my prescription at my pharmacist, and Dr. Ozoude called me after hours and made sure I had what I needed. I highly recommend Dr. Ozoude for anyone who is more physically active and needs accurate diagnosis, repair and clear expectations on recovery.”
– R. M.

“Did a great job of explaining my options before the surgery and was very up front when I asked him questions. Did a great job on my knee.”
– I.

“I had a wonderful experience under the care of Dr. Ozoude and his caring staff. I had knee surgery and Dr. Ozoude performed the surgery. I had amazing results and I healed faster than I ever expected. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ozoude and his staff to anyone who is in need of excellent Orthopedic care.”

– S. M.

“I had an initial encounter with Dr. Ozoude for shoulder pain after strength training for several years. He identified my injury as a SLAP tear which was then verified by an MRI. After verification, Dr. Ozoude had a very honest conversation with me about my options for both PT and surgical treatment. Based on our conversation I decided to proceed with the surgery and I’m really glad I did. Dr. Ozoude discovered that in addition to a SLAP tear I also had a rotator cuff tear which he was also able to repair during surgery.

I am thankful that Dr. Ozoude gave me full use of my shoulder back and I would not hesitate to consult him again for any future orthopedic needs.”

– Anonymous

“Cares about his patients and very knowledgeable especially w/ sports injuries!”

– Anonymous

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