Transparent Healthcare Pricing Model

Movement Orthopaedic Institute follows a fair and transparent direct healthcare pricing model. We ensure you understand exactly what your treatment will cost at the very outset — no hidden charges or surprise billing. We work collectively with the patient to ensure access to affordable orthopedic care. Our transparent pricing fundamentals lower the financial burden and cost while distancing third-party stakeholders who may hinder the optimal flow of communication between the patient and physician, such as insurance companies and pharmaceutical corporations.

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At Movement Orthopaedic Institute, our mission is to be the leading provider of free-market, direct-pay sports medicine and orthopedic care in the communities we serve. It is our expectation to deliver exceptional clinical outcomes and world-class patient service in a transparent, patient-centered model.


At MOI, we envision a free-market, patient-centered orthopedic healthcare experience, that prioritizes patients’ needs and satisfaction. We embrace the true physician-patient relationship model, where there are minimal barriers to communication, access, and care. Furthermore, we empower patients to understand every aspect of their orthopedic condition, from the clinical perspective to the financial considerations. We prioritize collective decision-making between the physician and patient for the most effective, appropriate, and personalized diagnostic and treatment options.

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At MOI, the highest value and priority is placed on our culture of clinical excellence coupled with outstanding service, integrity, transparency, and accessibility to care. We value lasting healthcare relationships founded in the trust given to us by the patients we serve.

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Movement Orthopaedic Institute is a state-of-the-art orthopedic center that takes a patient-centered and transparent approach to orthopedic healthcare. Patients have constant, unfiltered, and unrestricted access to orthopedic specialties, and all treatments are curated according to the patient’s individual needs and concerns. Our orthopedic specialists use the latest, most effective diagnostic techniques to trace the root cause of your chronic pain and curate holistic, long-term treatment plans. Please schedule an appointment to explore your treatment options in the Houston area.

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